A Mini Driver Mistakenly Drove Onto Interlagos During A Race

A Copa Mercedes race at the track used to host the Brazilian Grand Prix was interrupted by a lost driver

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Remember the guy who gatecrashed Brands Hatch in his VW Polo during a live race? Something similar has happened in Brazil, although in that case, it seems to have been done without the malicious intent.

As seen in the above video, the safety car was deployed during a Copa Mercedes race after a Mini pulled to the side of Interlagos Circuit. The driver, identified as 29-year-old publicist Renata Monti, quickly pulled over and stopped.

Mini - A Mini Driver Mistakenly Drove Onto Interlagos During A Race - Motorsport

Although commentators reacted furiously and called for the driver to be arrested, it turned out Monti had been competing in a race on an adjacent drag strip and became lost following her run. Worryingly, she told UOL there were no cones, signs or staff to make it obvious she was about to enter a live race track.

The Mini looked to be well clear of competing cars at all times and was eventually escorted back to the car park for the drag event. The local motorsport governing body told UOL it “has already started an investigation process. Renata and the organizer of the side event should be invited to provide clarifications on the fact.”

Source: UOL, The Journal via Motor1