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9 Cars That Will Make You Instantly Judge Someone Negatively

Ever looked at someone’s car and instantly judged them negatively? Here are nine great examples suggested by you guys

Remind me later

Riced cars...

Suggested by ramses rizal

“Any car that’s riced. Regardless of the brand.”

Any Hummer except the H1...

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Suggested by DanteTRD

The PT Cruiser...

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Suggested by WheelHoles

The Pontiac Aztek...

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Suggested by VöxTypeX

“Aztek, yuck, my body shivers just from the thought of it.”

Any matte black car...

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Suggested by Miatarri

First and second-generation MX-5s

Suggested by seabass9990

Cars with big rims...

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Suggested by Champford

“Anything with very, very, large rims. Too bad it’s common here in the U.S.”

A V6 Mustang...

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Suggested by Blake Bruno

An automatic Supra

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Suggested by Edwin Yan

What else makes you judge someone negatively?