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8 Ways To Not Be An Idiot When Racing In Open Lobbies

Open lobbies on racing games are occasionally (OK, who are we kidding, more like always) full of idiotic players and sometimes the good racers see red too. Here’s how to steer clear of being an online troll..

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8 Ways To Not Be An Idiot When Racing In Open Lobbies - Gaming

There are a lot of online racing game trolls out there, who just want to make you throw your controller (or wheel and pedal set-up) at the TV. Sure, even experienced players can muck up or do something silly on occasion too. But there are some easy ways to clean up your act when racing online…

No spinning out

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It may be tempting to spin a rival out in a braking zone or while battling side-by-side. But, to be honest, half the time you will end up in a worse position than the player you were trying to hit. It’s also incredibly annoying, so just stick to racing and see how well you can do.

Don’t push it

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We’ve all been there, right? Pushed into the wall or off track by another player. It’s one of the worst things a gamer can do in an online lobby. The players at fault need to clean up their racing, resulting in a much more enjoyable time for everyone.

Never seek revenge

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You may get hit in a braking zone or clipped into a half spin on a corner exit. That doesn’t mean it was done on purpose. More often than not, the gaming troll within will come out and seek revenge by smashing their rival off or spinning them around. It’s silly – get on with the racing and let your pace (or lack of it) do the talking.

Stop the corner cuts

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This is a small but annoying thing to do while racing online, especially for those trying to do things properly. The hope is the game will penalise a corner cutter but in reality, that’s often not the case.

Road block

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Thankfully, some racing games now ghost cars that are blocking the circuit but some of them don’t have that luxury. It’s always irritating when someone parks up across half the circuit, whether it’s on purpose or just because they’ve given up. If the player can’t handle the racing, they need to leave the game.

Drive the right way

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A racing circuit is in a certain configuration for a reason and everyone else is doing it right. So, why do some racing gamers have to ruin things by getting bored and driving the wrong way? It’s irritating for those of us who have worked hard for that position or race lead.

Be realistic

Being 10 car lengths behind your nearest rival is definitely too far back to try an overtake. But, as many of us know, some gamers still give it a go anyway – even if it’s never going to work. Just be realistic, it takes time to complete an overtake and it’s so much more satisfying when you get it right.

A long race

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This is one of the most well-used phrases in motorsport and there’s a reason for that – it’s very true. Sure, online lobbies are mainly short races, but there’s still a lot more time to make up positions. It doesn’t all come down to the first corner. Don’t make some divebomb passing attempt as it’ll just end in tears.

Got any more suggestions for the racing game trolls? Let us know below!