7 Wild Saves, Slides And Crashes From Goodwood 2018

This year's Goodwood Festival of Speed provided plenty of hill climb action!

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7 Wild Saves, Slides And Crashes From Goodwood 2018 - Motorsport

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of those events that every petrolhead needs to try and attend at some point. Its central feature is a hill climb, which involves a spectacular array of mostly very exotic and conspicuously valuable road and racing cars being flung up an aristocrat’s (admittedly quite long) driveway.

It’s a tight course with very little runoff, which means when there’s a save, a slide or an off, the results are rather dramatic. As these examples from the 2018 running of the event prove…


It proved to be an exceptionally good weekend for VW at Goodwood, with the firm’s Pikes Peak-conquering ID R electric monster winning the timed shoot-out with a stunning 43.86sec run. That’s the fastest time set at the show since 2003. But as proven by this little moment for driver Romain Dumas during an earlier run, it wasn’t all straightforward…

Toyota Tundra Nascar truck

Mike Skinner - the Nascar driver who portrayed ‘The American’ on The Grand Tour, not the bloke from The Streets - just about managed to keep this Toyota Tundra out of the hay bales.

Toyota Tundra Nascar truck (again)

Wrestling legend Bill Goldberg wasn’t quite so lucky however, carrying a little too much speed into a corner just after the dreaded flint wall and stuffing it into the hay as a consequence.

Maserati MC12

That's going to leave a mark. #FOS

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Nicolaas Hommerson did well to keep this Maserati MC12 on the tarmac during this massive tank slapper. He didn’t seem to hold back after the near-off either, giving us a lovely dose of noise from that naturally-aspirated Ferrari V12.

Range Rover Sport SVR on two wheels

Terry Grant’s two-wheeled run up the hill is incredibly tense to watch, with the legendary stunt driver very nearly tipping the car over just after the flint wall. He didn’t, and managed to bag the world record for the fastest two-wheeled mile.

The footage is amazing to watch, but if you watch the video above, you’ll see that an earlier attempt wasn’t quite so successful…

Rotary-powered Peugeot 205 rally car

It turns out some madman has swapped a triple-rotor Mazda Wankel engine into his mid-engined Peugeot 205 rally car. That man is Vincent Foucart, who is rather keen on going sideways.

The maddest thing is, this 205 used to have a V16 made from a quartet of Honda motorbike engines…

Ford RS200

Arguably the most dramatic moment of the event came when the rear bodywork of Liam Doran’s Ford RS200 Pikes Peak car peeled away, triggering a huge crash followed by a fire. Amazingly the bonkers, near-1000bhp Ford was repaired and back on the hill the next day…