#nordschleifetrackchallenge Featuring: New Edge Stang

#nordschleifetrackchallenge Featuring: New Edge Stang - American Cars

In this challenge, I have a £15,000/$19756.50 budget, to build a car that can compete in the ‘Ring a.k.a. the Green Hell.

So, why not the Malaysian online dealers like Carlist.my? The reason is simple. £15k can be converted to RM 85k in here and that kind of money is useless to buy anything good here. So, instead of using the Malaysian store, I used the American Craigslist instead. £15k means about 20k in USD, so, let’s get that started.

The car: Ford Mustang "New Edge"

#nordschleifetrackchallenge Featuring: New Edge Stang - American Cars

Ah…Craigslist. The place where everything could happened. I managed to find a acceptable quality Mustang in the page, which I have the link above. The green is lovely, and $2400 for a 83k miles manual ‘Stang? Not bad. The only downside is the engine, which is a V6. So, I had to change something for this build.

The engine: Ford "Coyote" 5.0 V8

#nordschleifetrackchallenge Featuring: New Edge Stang - American Cars

Just now I told you that the original car have the 190-hp 3.8 Essex V6, so I sell it alongside the transmission for a $1,500 profit. With the money got, it’s time to get a new engine.

And here’s it. The 5.0 Coyote V8 from the current Mustang GT. It’s got 435 hp inside, and it screams ‘Murica outside. And it will be easy to convert because it’s a Ford unit. It also includes a manual transmission. But then, it costs $7,750 for the unit. Who cares, I plan to leave the engine as is and I still have $11k. Moving on to the next round.

The other parts:

#nordschleifetrackchallenge Featuring: New Edge Stang - American Cars

Mustang parts are cheap. So, this pro racing suspension kit just costs me $1,100 for the best handling.

A nice set of brakes cost only $300 (2 brakes per pack) for the New Edge. That means a total of $600 is needed if I want to full package.

A set of nice wheels from the 2005 Mustang GT, alongside Pirelli P Zero Nero tyres, costs about $400.

Add in a (hefty) $3000 for an ECU upgrade.

Finally, I will do a free weight reduction to the car and also add $800 for a roll cage. Also included is an $700 LSD.
And I still have $4,750 left. Which means it’s enough to handle at least. So, I choose to paint my car black, for about $2,000. That means, I still got $2,750 left after the paint job was done.

#nordschleifetrackchallenge Featuring: New Edge Stang - American Cars

HP: 500 hp @ 6500 RPM
TQ: 625 nm @ 6500 RPM
TS: 305 km/h
0-100: 4.0 seconds