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6 Things You Should Never Do In A Slammed Car

Slamming your car might make it look cool, but there are rules you must follow when driving a car that scrapes if you want to avoid embarrassment and some very costly repairs...

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1. Never drive anywhere that has an incline

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Now your car is scrapin’ with the best of them, inclines are your enemy. Driveways, car parks, and even the occasional hill will see you rubbing your skirts and underside on the tarmac. Take it easy, and you’ll keep your bumpers intact, unlike the unfortunate guy above…

2. Never drive down a residential street

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Speed bumps are not your friend. If you find yourself faced with a speed bump, your best bet is to just turn around. To avoid the possibility of encountering this problem, stay away from any residential streets, just in case. In fact, avoiding anything that’s not a major road is probably the best solution…

3. Never drive in a straight line

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Angles are your friend! In case you do fail to avoid any inclines, don’t drive straight at them unless you’re totally cool with parting company with your bumper.

4. Don't drive in bad weather

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The problem with rain is that it can fill a pothole and hide it from view. Every seemingly harmless puddle could be hiding a gaping hole in the tarmac just waiting to rip your car apart.

Also with bad weather comes debris from trees and other roadside furniture. If the wind picks up and throws a twig in the road without giving you time to avoid it, irreparable damage could be done to your pride and joy. You have been warned.

5. Don't drive much above 30mph

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Hooning is fun, but there’s always a risk you’ll chance upon something in the road, whether that’s a change in the surface or uneven ground left behind by roadworks. Hit these at speed in a normal car and you probably won’t even notice; hit them at speed in your slammed ride and you’ll scrape all the things, and send a shockwave through the car that’ll shatter your spine.

6. Never go anywhere without a convoy of friends

The great thing about the car community is that everyone sticks together. In your time of need, the petrolheads by your side will do everything to help you, and when you’re in a slammed car, that probably means laying planks of wood in the road so you can actually get around…