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6 Mad Engine Swaps We've Seen Recently

From an LS-swapped DeLorean to a motorbike with a Maserati V8, there have been some crazy engine swaps doing the rounds lately! You guys gave us some of your suggestions, and we added a few of our own. Which is your favourite?

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LS-powered DeLorean DMC-12

Suggested by gary busey

The DeLorean’s original PRV V6 isn’t exactly a powerhouse. In fact, some models would struggle to crack 60mph in 10 seconds. But this DMC-12? It’s a tad faster than that, all thanks to an LS4 V8 dumped in the back, sending a healthy 300bhp or so to the rear wheels. Through the original Renault gearbox, too, while the suspension and brakes are still stock…

Ferrari F136-powered Toyota GT86

Suggested by JDM Doge

We’re yet to see the finished product of drifter Ryan Tuerck’s bonkers Ferrari/Toyota mash-up project, but already we can tell it’s going to be epic. The team behind the car have sourced a Ferrari F136 V8 not from a front-engined California, instead opting for the more highly strung version found mounted in the middle of the 458.

Naturally, an engine designed for a mid-ship configuration isn’t going to be an easy fit in a front-engined car, and part of the GT86’s windscreen surround has been removed to fit in the air intakes, which point toward the cabin.

Nissan VR38-powered Toyota GT86

Suggested by Twin Turbo Stanced Renault Twingo

From one engine-swapped GT86 in the works to another, we have this monster. Belonging to Street FX owner Mark Trueno, this GT86 has lost its 2.0-litre boxer in favour of a VR38DETT Nissan GT-R engine, stroked to 4.1 litres.

6 Mad Engine Swaps We've Seen Recently - Tuning

As with the F136 GT86 project, this is not an easy fit - the VR38 is three times the height of the FA20 boxer. The team has managed to cut the height down by a massive 150mm though, thanks to the removal of the front differential (no longer needed since this is going to be rear-driven) and a conversion to dry sump lubrication.

Once it’s finished, it’ll put out over 1000bhp to the rear wheels. Cripes.

Lazareth LM847

The work of coach builders Lazareth, this magnificent chunk of madness is a motorcycle powered by a 470bhp Maserati V8. Except it isn’t a bike - it has four wheels. Then again, the wheels are sandwiched together and operate using a mechanism similar to what you’d find on the front of one of those three-wheel Piaggio scooters, so you still lean and ride it as you would a bike. So it kind of is and isn’t a motorbike.

Confused? Don’t worry. Just be glad that someone out there is crazy enough to build something like this…

Viper V10-engined BMW Z4

6 Mad Engine Swaps We've Seen Recently - Tuning

The car that inspired this list started off life as a Z4 Coupe, a car we know and love. However, some lunatic got hold of it, and decided its 3.0-litre N/A straight-six needed to be replaced with something damn near three times as big: an 8.3-litre Dodge Viper V10.

Thankfully, the builder decided that a 540bhp Z4 needed a few other alterations, which arrived in the form of Audi R8 brakes, a rollcage, bucket seats and a litany of bespoke parts.

Ford Coyote-engined Porsche Cayman

The new Porsche Cayman has - controversially - dropped a couple of cylinders, but this one has undergone the opposite journey. Yep, it’s now powered by a V8.

Sat in the middle is a 5.0-litre Ford Coyote V8 crate engine, putting out well over 500bhp at the crank. And from what we hear, the weight gain over the original flat-six isn’t quite as significant as you might expect. Another one to watch out for.