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5 Wacky F1 Aerodynamic Devices That Failed Hard

F1 designers are known to push the boundaries of the regulations, sometimes creating some rather mad innovations...

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2001-Arrows-A22-2_2714056 F1 designers are known to push the boundaries of the technical regulations, but some innovations have been downright mad. Here are five of our favourite wacky aerodynamic devices that failed to set the F1 world alight.

5. Tyrrell Ford 025 'X-Wings'

8231 Harvey Postlethwaite was a well-respected designer in the Formula 1 paddock, but even he created a few strange and largely ineffective concepts. The Tyrrell team was highly competitive in the 70s, but by 1997 it was struggling at the back of the grid. In a bid to improve the competitiveness of the dismal 025, two additional wings mounted on the sidepods were introduced.

4. Honda RA108 'Dumbo Wings'

Honda Honda's 2008 campaign was a disaster, and even these strange winglets added to the front nosecone couldn't improve its fortunes. Cars quickly became so cluttered with wings and bodywork pieces that strict regulations had to be introduced for the following season.

3. March 751

March The 1975 March 751 was driven by Vittorio Brambilla and the only female F1 driver to score a point, Lella Lombardi. It raced to a surprise victory in the Austrian Grand Prix but was woefully unreliable. The car sported a bizarre rear wing, which included two side platforms to smooth the airflow at the back of the car. Fortunately the concept wasn't around for long.

2. March 711 'Tea Tray' Wing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yep, another March in our countdown. This car proved to be quite successful with Ronnie Peterson driving to five podiums and second in the drivers' standings in 1971. The 711 featured a highly unusual front wing design which resembled a tea tray. Aerodynamics were becoming more and more significant by the early 1970s and March decided to fit a high front wing design to its car. Despite the car being relatively competitive, the concept was short-lived.

1. Arrows A22 & Jordan EJ11 Nose Wings

2001-Arrows-A22-2_2714056 The Monaco street circuit requires full downforce and teams often bring strange aerodynamic devices to the blue-riband event in a bid to increase grip and competitiveness. The 2001 race was no different, with both Arrows and Jordan bringing wacky nose wings to the principality. 2001-Jordan-EJ11-Mid-wing-2_2714061 Their rather desperate-looking attempt to gain more downforce didn't last for long, as they were both swiftly banned by the FIA.