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10 'Pro Drifters' Who Can't Actually Drift

You've got to respect a trier, but these guys probably shouldn't give up the day job any time soon.

Remind me later
street-drifting-gone-wrong We've already seen 10 examples of drifters who really know what they're doing. But these poor unfortunates all come a-cropper. Whether it's too much enthusiasm, not enough talent, or 'car issues', these guys get slapped silly by the drifting gods.

I can't do this!

It's a mainstay of drift and stunt shows: pull someone out of the audience, then drift round them in very small circles. But you better make sure your (not so?) willing volunteer took their brave pills that morning.

Don't get too close

This Russian TV reporter must've thought this would be an easy assignment. There's a drift show in town, and all he has to do is tell the audience about it while a couple of cars drift round in circles behind him. Until...

3 wheels on my wagon

You do get through a lot of tyres during a drift competition. All that wheel nut-spinning must get tiring, so it's probably a good idea to double-check everything's tight before you light the tyres.


If you get it wrong, drifting can bite. Very hard indeed. This guy gets it only slightly wrong, but he's too close to a massive, solid lamp-post. This video makes me wince every single time...

Hey you, watch this!

What's the likelihood this idiot turned to his passenger and said "Watch this!" seconds before tank slapping into a parked car? He even manages to knock some poor bloke off his bike in the process.

On a knife-edge

During extreme manoeuvres like drifting, a car is balanced on a knife-edge. This poor fella takes slightly too large a bite of the inside kerb as he starts the drift, which sends the car up and over onto its roof.

Running out of road

Street drifters in the Middle East have their own style of street drifting called Hajwalah: they sling the car back and forth across the road in a massive, extreme Scandinavian Flick. It's a move that needs a lot of room. The driver of this pick-up doesn't quite have enough.

Slow-mo roll

It doesn't take much; a bit too much speed, just a fraction off-line. And then bang! You clatter into the barrier and get flipped upside down. This video is in slow-mo, but it probably felt a helluva lot slower in the car.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling on

Much the same as the one above, this. Too much speed, too far off-line, nudge the barrier with the rear quarter and before you know it, you're dancing on the ceiling. Fortunately, no-one following collects the wreckage.

Double whammy

Does it count as a drift fail when they're not actually drifting? Whatever, this poor sod drops it on initiation at a wet and greasy Silverstone and heads for the barriers. Then he bounces back onto the track and into his battle opponent.