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10 Famous Lads Pulling Silly Faces In Cars [GIFs]

Are you a cool cookie behind the wheel? Even these big names struggle to look normal...

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From the health-conscious, GIF-crazed minds that brought you "8 Car Workout Exercises For The Ultimate Gym Body" comes a new moving image post featuring worrying facial expressions...

10. Seb Vettel - Top Gear

The German maestro evidently not giving a hoot. Multi 21, Seb, Multi 21... Vettel gif

9. Rory Reid - FFF

Who wants to passenger up with Rory Reid from FFF? If not, there's always Djibril Cisse who recently had his Escalade "Snake Skin" wrapped... FFF Rory

8. Jim Carrey - Ace Ventura

Jim Carrey showing why he's still able to attract girls half his age. Ace Ventura

7. Lads - A Night At the Roxbury

Jim Carrey in 1998 yet again showing his in-car facial prowess. Talent. rolling

6. Lads - Wayne's World

Pre-Austin Powers Mike Myers headbanging with his chums. Waynes World

5. Lemar - Car Throttle

British R&B star, Lemar, showing why there really isn't any Car Throttle justice. lemar-ct Gif

4. The Muppets

I dare you not to become transfixed by this GIF, you muppet. Muppets Gif

3. Jeff Bridges - The Big Lebowski

Jeff Bridges is one cool dude in this epic Lebowski driving scene. lebowski1 gif

2. Tom Cruise - Vanilla Sky

This is not Tom Cruise's face on hearing that his wife, Katie Holmes, is divorcing him. Keep your facial antics to the Oprah sofa, Tom. Vanilla Sky Gif

1. Nicolas Cage - Gone In 60 Seconds

How could King Cage not be number one? 60 sec jump gif Did we miss any awesome GIFs? Let us know in the comments!