10 Awesome Cars Added To The Car Throttle Garage In July

Here's a look back at last month's most interesting additions to our online garage community

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10 Awesome Cars Added To The Car Throttle Garage In July - Car Throttle

Evert Hemeling's Toyota GT86

Named after Princess Leia and with a design aesthetic to match, this ultra-clean Toyota GT86 belongs to CTzen Evert Hemlings. Although he claims that the build is still a work in progress, this car is a clear improvement over the stock Toyobaru chassis. May the stance be with you.

Bradley Tait's DMC DeLorean

From one classic sci-fi movie to another, CTzen Bradley Tait’s rad ride is one of the most iconic cars of the 1980s. Although the DMC-12 never really became the exotic sports car that John DeLorean envisioned, its appearance in the Back to the Future series immortalised the stainless steel-skinned fastback in the minds of movie buffs and petrolheads alike. We love it, even if it doesn’t have a flux capacitor…

RWDrift's Fox-body Ford Mustang GT

Here we have a blacked-out, Cobra-style Mustang GT owned by CTzen RWDrift. Named Shelly, this Mustang is one mean, clean, tire-burning machine. With a 5.0-litre V8 and an old-school live axle, this Ford has all that it needs to do some rear-wheel drifting. Perhaps this CTzen’s username is no coincidence…

Alex Ehliger's E46 M3

For CTzen Alex Ehliger, this BMW M3 Coupe is a boyhood dream come true. With a 3.2-litre, 333bhp straight-six and a superb chassis, it’s easy to see why. This Beemer gets bonus points for its cinnamon leather interior, which pairs incredibly well with the dark grey exterior.

Evoart's Plymouth Duster

Restoration projects are often a great way to strengthen the bond between father and son. That’s certainly the case for CTzen Evoart, who spent 6 years restoring this 1976 Plymouth Duster with his dad. When you look at the before and after pictures, it’s clear that an incredible amount of work went into rebuilding this V8-powered classic.

Joe Critchley's Civic Type R

The new Honda Civic Type R is one of the most talked-about hot hatches of the 21st century. This powerhouse currently holds the Nurburgring lap record among front-wheel-drive production cars, with a quicker lap time than one set by a Pagani Zonda in 2002. CTzen Joe Critchley owns a fine example of this simply incredible feat of automotive engineering.

Joe Joncas' Unique Sileighty

As Nissan S-Chassis fans know well, a Sileighty is a 180SX with a Silvia front end swap. The original Sileighty, built by Japanese tuning house Kids Heart, used the front end from an S13 Silvia. CTzen Joe Joncas has put his own twist on the Sileighty formula by swapping the front end from an S15. It’s a unique build, and one that we think works surprisingly well.

Rasmus Lynge Jensen's Morris Eight

The Morris Eight was one of the most important cars of the early British automotive industry, as it helped Morris become one of Europe’s most prominent auto manufacturers. CTzen Rasmus Lynge Jensen owns an example of the Morris Eight cabriolet, which appears to be in immaculate condition despite being 84 years old. The body work and decals leave no doubt that this Morris (named “Maude” by its owner) is a real antique sports car.

William's R33 M.N.P. Skyline

It’s no secret to the Car Throttle community that we like JDM icons of the 1990s. So it comes as no surprise that we’ve put a Nissan Skyline GT-R on this month’s list. But what sets CTzen William’s R33 apart from most Skylines - aside from the fabulous modifications - is the colour. Midnight Purple is one perhaps of the most special factory-option colours ever sprayed on Godzilla, and it looks fantastic on William’s project car.

Alexander Gundersen's Supercharged 540i

Last on our list, but definitely not least, is this custom-built E39 540i owned by CTzen Alexander Gundersen. Because Alexander didn’t think his Beemer’s 4.4-litre V8 made enough power, he strapped a blower onto it to produce upwards of 400bhp. That makes it more powerful than the E39 M5! More mods to the exhaust, ECU, and suspension are just the icing on the cake.

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