Would You Buy This Cut-Price VeilSide Honda NSX?

This 1991 Honda NSX bears a Fast & Furious-style body kit and Ferrari taillights, but it could be available for a reasonable price
Would You Buy This Cut-Price VeilSide Honda NSX?

We all know that pristine examples of old-school sports cars come with eye-watering prices, and the first-generation Honda NSX is no exception to this rule. Owning a factory-fresh NSX is a pipe dream for most of us, but if you’re willing to put up with this car’s questionable VeilSide body kit, you might be able to get your hands on a low-mileage NSX for a cut price.

The repainted red Japanese sports car began its life as a pre-facelifted 1991 NSX and has covered just 7,941 miles throughout its lifetime. If you don’t mind this NSX’s Fast & Furious-style body kit, it’s available for the bargain price of just KR 650,000 (around £53,000, or $59,000) from a car dealer in Sweden.

Would You Buy This Cut-Price VeilSide Honda NSX?

Like Han’s RX-7 in Tokyo Drift, the VeilSide body kit features a host of redesigned body panels that do away with the car’s original retro Japanese styling. In all honesty, we’re not sure it’s for the better. The car’s front end has been widened, while a vented bonnet and a new set of fender-mounted headlights with carbon-fibre housings have been installed. The front and rear fenders are wider, while new side sills and turbine-style aftermarket alloy wheels have been bolted on.

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The body kit will likely divide opinion, but this NSX’s rear end is undoubtedly the most controversial modification. The original full-width taillights and sleek styling have been ditched, with the new taillights looking like they’re straight off a Ferrari 360. However, instead of giving this NSX some Italian-inspired flare, the body kit only makes this car look like a knock-off Ferrari replica. Other standout features include the full-width rear wing and centre-mounted dual exhaust pipes.

Would You Buy This Cut-Price VeilSide Honda NSX?

At the beating heart of the car, you’ll still find the original mid-mounted naturally-aspirated 3.0-litre VTEC V6, which reportedly now puts out around 300bhp – a marginal increase over the original power figure. The car’s suspension has been upgraded with BC Racing coilovers, but the car seems to be unmodified other than the obvious changes. So, would you take a punt on this questionably modified NSX for a cut price?

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