The Mitsubishi Evolution VIl 'Xtreme SC' Is A One-Off, 458bhp Monster

The company that was once responsible for importing Lancer Evolutions into the UK made various special models, including this one-off 'Xtreme SC'
The Mitsubishi Evolution VIl 'Xtreme SC' Is A One-Off, 458bhp Monster

Given the kind of bonkers tuned Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions you’ll find kicking around, the 458bhp output of this VII might not sound too outlandish. But this isn’t any old modified Evo - it’s one from a company with strong ties to Mitsubishi.

Established in 1999 by a group of companies in partnership with The Colt Car Company (the British Mitsubishi distributor), Ralliart UK was responsible for importing Evolution models. At the same time, this Dudley-based outfit made various special editions sold as official UK cars, including the Evo VI Extreme, RS Sprint and 450, VII Extreme S and RS Sprint.

The Mitsubishi Evolution VIl 'Xtreme SC' Is A One-Off, 458bhp Monster

Ralliart UK’s original guise was short-lived, however. In 2002, the Ralliart UK name was sold to the Colt Car Company, and the business in the West Midlands rebranded itself as Xtreme Automobiles. Although the Colt Car Co. would be taking care of Lancer Evo importing, the building of special models carried on. That leads us to the car you see here, the Evolution VII Xtreme SC.

At the time the SC was the most powerful thing the firm had made. Its 2.2-litre inline-four featured a crankshaft, forged pistons, and high-lift camshafts from Tomei, beefed up con-rods designed by Xtreme itself, 1000cc injectors and an Apexi turbocharger. 458bhp arrived at 5,800rpm, 410lb ft of torque at 3,500, while 0-60mph was over and done with in a mere 3.5 seconds. It was left with enough headroom to be taken up to 500bhp if the customer wished.

The Mitsubishi Evolution VIl 'Xtreme SC' Is A One-Off, 458bhp Monster

Rather than simply chucking a bunch of chassis mods at the Evo and calling it a day, the SC was treated to a proper ‘fast road’ geometry tweak coinciding with the addition of lowering springs plus a bunch of bushings normally intended for a Group N rally car. Alcon six-piston brakes and stainless steel hoses ensured any speed built up by that angry inline-four could be scrubbed off effectively.

After spending some time as Xtreme’s press demo car and advertising poster boy, the one-off SC was sold into private ownership. Apparently not content with the huge spec list of modifications, the buyer sent £30,000 Xtreme’s way for further work including the addition of a Veilside body kit, carbon fibre door cards, a full roll cage and much more besides.

The Mitsubishi Evolution VIl 'Xtreme SC' Is A One-Off, 458bhp Monster

The next owner took the keys in 2008, opting to store the car from 2009 to 2011. Ownership was transferred to their business partner and the Evo was…stored again until February 2020 when the current keeper picked it up. He had it returned to the original Xtreme spec by a chap called Chris, one of the original builders of the car now working at C1-R in Stourbridge.

Having spent so much time parked up, the mileage figure for the SC is low at a mere 7970. A little-used, original Evo is going to be a sought-after thing, as proven by the incredible results of Mitsubishi UK’s recent heritage fleet auction. So, when this goes under the hammer at Silverstone Auctions’ Classic Motor Show sale at the NEC on 13 November, don’t expect a bargain - it’s valued in excess of £55,000.


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