What Would You Swap This Ferrari Enzo V12 Crate Engine Into?

RM Sotheby’s has a new old stock Ferrari Enzo V12 engine up for auction, which has us thinking…
What Would You Swap This Ferrari Enzo V12 Crate Engine Into?

RM Sotheby’s has just listed a new old stock Tipo F140B Ferrari Enzo V12 engine, that’s up for auction and still in its original crate. Quite frankly, we thought we’d better get the word out there in the hope that some mad genius with the required financial clout might see the listing and carry out the ultimate engine swap.

When it was used in the Ferrari Enzo, the 6.0-litre Tipo F140B set the record for being the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever used in a road car. It produces around 651bhp and 485lb ft of torque, but since then related versions of the same engine have been known to produce much more power – the Ferrari Daytona SP3 has a 6.5-litre version, known as the F140 HC, which produces up to 829bhp and 514lb ft of torque. The LaFerrari used an F140 FE engine alongside an electric motor for a total output of 960bhp and 664lb ft.

As you know, we’re fans of an engine swap, so it had us daydreaming about where you might fit 12 cylinders of Ferrari power. With the engine tipped to fetch between $200,000 and $300,000 when it goes under the hammer, you might want to save money on the car you put it into, although we’re not sure if an MX-5 with an extremely modified engine bay and bodywork could even accommodate a V12?

What Would You Swap This Ferrari Enzo V12 Crate Engine Into?

Maybe you could take inspiration from this guy with his elongated MR2 complete with a supercharged V8 engine from the Audi R8? At least that way once you’ve finished disguising your MR2 as a Ferrari it’ll have the heart to match. What about a Ferrari V12-engined drift car?

The crate engine comes complete with inlets, airbox, ancillaries and engine loom, but of course, if you did find an engine bay that V12 could fit into you’d have to source a gearbox that could take on all that power, anyway. The listing also suggests you could merely keep the engine to put on display – V12 coffee table anyone? Seems like a waste to us though.

The Ferrari V12 F140B engine will go up for auction on 10 December 2022 – please someone buy it, squeeze it into something imaginative and share the epic results for all of us to enjoy.



Mid mounted in a small truck with a Mendeola transaxle.

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Hamster V10

Mitsuoka Orochi

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