Watch This Truck Drive Away After Being Overturned By A Tornado In Texas

A storm chaser captured the video of the lucky red Chevrolet escaping near-death in Texas

While tornado videos are extremely dangerous to film, storm chaser Brian Emfinger is an expert in this field, and he captured the gut-wrenching moment when this red Chevrolet truck was flipped over by a destructive tornado in Texas. We’ve all had to deal with driving in poor weather conditions, but nobody ever expects to end up in a situation like this.

The scary video, which has amassed over a million views on Twitter in a matter of hours, shows the catastrophic tornado hurling debris as it rips across the Texan roads. The red pickup finds itself in the terrifying path of the tornado before being flipped and spun by its ferocious winds.

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By some miracle, the Chevy lands back on its four wheels before making a getaway to safety. However, what is most surprising is how calmly the truck drives away from the incident. It’s unclear whether the driver was in a state of shock or simply unphased after being overturned, as the vehicle steadily accelerates away from the near-death experience. Whoever the driver of this red Chevy is, we take our hats off to you.

Needless to say that the video has taken social media by storm (pun intended), with even the most diehard of Ford fans applauding the Chevy’s storm-resistant powers.


While Chevrolet has yet to comment on the video, many on social media have heralded the viral video as the ultimate advertisement for the manufacturer and their trucks. If it can drive away from the thrashing of a tornado, what can’t this truck do? It could even rival the Toyota Hilux for toughness, as proven by Top Gear when it was put on top of a 23-storey tower block as it was demolished, before being turned into the ‘Toybota’ amphibious vehicle in a later episode.

The winds seen in the video were a part of a series of tornadoes spreading across Texas, with reports of hailstones the size of golf balls and winds of up to 75mph causing damage across the state. If you are in the area, stay safe and avoid driving on the roads.


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