Watch A Mercedes E63 S Estate Fly By At 206mph On The Autobahn

Someone filmed a tuned E63 blasting past at 206mph from an E-Class convertible doing just 43
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The autobahn is a subject of endless fascination for petrolheads outside of Germany. The idea of derestricted sections of motorway seems bizarre, exotic and quite brilliant, and something that surely won’t last forever. There are constant murmurings from German government officials and campaigners to bring this to an end, but for now, the speed show goes on.

There are even YouTube channels dedicated solely to giving new cars an autobahn workout, but what we don’t often see are high-speed flyby passes. This video has several, filmed from a Mercedes E-Class convertible (with the top down, of course) travelling at 70, 80 and 100kmh (43, 50 and 62mph).

The GAD-tuned E63 S estate being filming was going a fair bit faster. Every run was comfortably over 200mph, with the fastest clocking in at 332kmh (206mph).

Watch A Mercedes E63 S Estate Fly By At 206mph On The Autobahn

With that kind of speed differential, the footage is predictably dramatic. The one thing the video can’t quite replicate is how the flyby will have felt for the occupants of the E-Class - that E63 will have been displacing a hell of a lot of air as it barreled along at over 200mph.

We’re not entirely sure what the GAD mods on this E63 S consist of, but a mere limiter delete might be enough to enable the AMG to hit the double tonne. When hitting the optional 186mph (300kmh) electronic top speed limiter, the standard car’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 sits at only around 5000rpm.



that is frigging mental. what the heck.

06/04/2021 - 17:59 |
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What idiot drives 70 km/h on a highway???

06/06/2021 - 08:12 |
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