Watch This GT3 Driver Remain Nonchalant After A Flying Door Smashes His Screen

When a door hits you at 140mph, you've got a few options. Pulling over apparently isn't one of them...

CT flying door

You’re racing at 140mph and a flying door slams into your car, destroying the radiator and smashing the windscreen. You hit the brakes and bail off the track, right? Wrong, at least if your name is Mike Simpson.

Watch the official GT3 crash update video here.

Mike, who evidently has gigantic adamantium gentleman-ware, had exactly this problem at yesterday’s Avon Tyres British GT race at Brands Hatch, and as this amazing video evidence shows, he didn’t even flinch when the huge sheet of airborne death smashed into the front of his Team LNT Ginetta G55 GT3.

GT3 door window

Instead he just kept the throttle pinned, made a couple of heroic overtakes and then wrestled the knackered car into the pits, where sadly the number 16 machine was forced to retire. Mike had already forced his way up from 17th to third in 10 laps, and despite the big ‘DNF’ on the results he deserves man-points for effort.


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