Watch: The Grappler Bumper Will End Car Chases As We Know Them

Footage from the US shows a new police Grappler Bumper making light-work of an evading suspect
Watch: The Grappler Bumper Will End Car Chases As We Know Them

Bringing a high-speed police chase to a safe and controlled ending can be a difficult process for police officers, but this footage shows one of the latest crime-stopping gadgets. It’s known as the ‘Grappler Bumper’ and it has the power to stop a dangerous fleeing suspect in the blink of an eye.

The footage was captured on April 29 from the perspective of FOX10 Phoenix’s broadcast helicopter in Arizona. The police pursued the driver of the silver Ford Fusion after they reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel with both drugs and weapons stored in the vehicle. When asked to pull over, the driver allegedly resisted arrest, rammed police vehicles and sped away, initiating a full-blown police chase.

The pursuit went on for some time before the police decided to put the Grappler Bumper into action. The footage shows an unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe speeding up behind the suspect with the Grappler Bumper deployed, before the device catches the rear wheel of the pursued vehicle, tethering the suspect’s vehicle to the deploying cop-car. The driver behind the wheel of the Fusion attempts to accelerate away, but the Grappler Bumper prevents them from doing so. The evading vehicle is stopped in a split second, and the chase is brought safely to an end.

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The Grappler Bumper was created by Leonard Stock in 2016, who sought to resolve the risky business of ending police chases by ramming and spinning the suspect’s car, using tyre deflation devices or even resorting to shooting out the tyres. After developing a series of prototypes, Stock’s Grappler Bumper has been adopted by police departments across the US. Stock’s company Police Bumper claims that its product is used to end potentially dangerous police pursuits safely on a near daily basis across the US.

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So, what do you think of the Grappler Bumper? Is this the best way to end police pursuits? For more crime-stopping content, check out our page on the World’s Craziest Police Cars.


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