Watch This Awesome DIY Miniature V8 Engine Rev To 10,500RPM

This small-but-mighty V8 engine could be the ultimate gift for the petrolhead in your life
Watch This Awesome DIY Miniature V8 Engine Rev To 10,500RPM

If you’re partial to noisy V8 engines, DIY car projects and the smell of burning nitro fuel, you’ll want to arrange some alone time to enjoy this video of the Toyan DIY miniature V8 engine in action. After all, it’s not often you get to see a model-sized motor pushed to its limits and hitting a staggering 10,500rpm during a full-throttle run.

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Courtesy of Warped Perception on YouTube, the video shows off the mini eight-cylinder engine in all its fire-breathing glory, and we can’t get enough of this powerful little machine. The powerplant in question is Toyan’s 2.7 cubic inch Miniature V8 Nitro Engine, and the built-it-yourself model looks as detailed and functional as a proper, car-mounted unit. The cross crankshaft design delivers high torque from the small but mighty engine, while flexible oil seals and a mechanical water cooling pump ensure the mini-V8 can rev freely until the fuel tank is fully drained. Check it out in action below!

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In the video, engineering guru Warped Perception meddles with the engine to extract maximum performance and produce the best exhaust note, such as removing a section of the exhaust, removing the exhaust headers and getting rid of the valve cover. These modifications allow the engine to breathe freely and rev higher, with the Toyan engine hitting 10,500rpm during a full-throttle run and producing a glorious soundtrack while doing so.

A handy engineer could even drop the red and black eight-cylinder engine into a radio-controlled car with a ratio of between 1:5 to 1:6 scale, and it’s needless to say that we are now dreaming of the ultimate micro V8-powered radio-controlled car project. If you fancy it for yourself, you can purchase the Toyan V8 28cc Nitro Engine for $1,799.99 (£1,431.15) from EngineDIY.


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