Volvo Wagon Banger + Turbo Supra Engine = Epic Street Drifter

Here's not one, but two clips of this remarkable Volvo burning some serious rubber
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The Volvo 245 is a good tool for shopping at Ikea, but pretty hopeless when it comes to fun. Not this one, though. Owner Peter Bjorck decided what his old shitbox needed was a 320hp twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre 2JZ engine from a 1990s Toyota Supra. The result is this fantastic bit of kit, which will scare supercar owners into submission thanks to its 0-62mph time of 4.6 seconds. Oh, it's also a remarkably badass drift car.

Hit the video above for Bjorck's first video teaser, and below for something that'll make you bow down to the tuning Gods:

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We think we can guess what this bloke's face looks like when the clutch drops and the bullshit stops...

Image courtesy of Car memes.


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