VIDEO: Audi RS5 Meets Up with the Ur-Quattro

We're big fans of Audis here at CarThrottle, especially the ones that go fast! The new Audi RS5, introduced at the Geneva Auto Show, definitely falls into that category. The standard A5 is already one of our favorite vehicles that we can't wait to get our hands on, and the RS model doesn't make things any easier.

Audi feels our pain a bit by dropping a new promotional video of the car on the track and on the road. There have been tons of speculation and renderings over the past few months about a new successor to the Ur-Quattro based on the A5. We have yet to see if that will come to pass, but the RS5 isn't a bad replacement.

Anyhow, Audi must see it as the spiritual successor to the Ur-Quattro because the two join up in the video below. There is no music soundtrack - just the RS5's exhaust note. Yes!


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