Turns Out Ultra-Fast Windscreen Wipers Aren't The Solution For Autumn Downpours

The guys at Garage 54 made their own ultra-fast windscreen wipers with ridiculous consequences
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Youtube channel Garage54 thinks it has the answer for this autumn’s torrential downpours – the world’s fastest windscreen wipers.

According to the video’s description, Garage54 set out on the project after a commenter on another one of the channel’s videos suggested making super-fast windscreen wipers to keep the rain at bay. The team thought it would be hilarious, so decided to give it a go. What good sports.

The recipe for Garage 54’s super-fast windscreen wipers? A pick-up converted Lada - with plenty of battle scars left as a result of the team’s previous ‘innovations’ - a power drill and some zip-ties.


The host starts by hacking at the old wipers and yanking them with some pliers before fashioning a sophisticated linkage system with some poles and zip-tying a power drill to the engine bay. We might pass on getting the whole thing fitted to our own car, but the result on the Lada is pretty amusing.

The team tests the wipers by spraying the car with a hose and trying them on super-speed. As it turns out, it doesn’t really help with visibility much at all, plus we’d be a bit worried about a stray wiper hitting a passer-by in the face given the forces involved. It’s a little more successful when they throw a bucket of muddy water over the windscreen, but only slightly.

At least we know that now thanks to Garage54, who have been painstakingly carrying out these investigations, you know… for science?


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