This Trike's Skatepark Excursion Is Even More Disastrous Than You'd Expect

Someone thought it'd be a great idea to take a Can-Am trike on a skatepark in Denver, which inevitably goes quite badly

Anyone who isn’t a complete idiot should know taking a three-wheeled motorcycle on a skatepark is a terrible idea. However, we’re a little taken aback by just how disastrous this man’s attempt to ‘send it’ at such a place in a Can-Am Ryker turned out to be.

According to several in the comment thread on the ‘Whatcouldgowrong’ sub-Reddit, the footage we’re seeing was shot at Denver Skatepark. Taking the Ryker anywhere in the 60,000 square-foot facility was sure to end in disaster, but the guy made things especially difficult for himself by riding down a steep ramp.

This Trike's Skatepark Excursion Is Even More Disastrous Than You'd Expect

He almost falls off, but instead does something much worse - clings on for dear life while inadvertently twisting the throttle, also known as ‘whiskey throttle’. We see the trike launch off to a ramp on the other side, its 81bhp Rotax inline-three buzzing away.

Something breaks off the trike (while the rider’s hat makes an amusing bid for freedom) before it flips and ends up back on its wheels at the bottom of another ramp. Silver lining? The rider immediately gets up and doesn’t appear to be seriously injured, despite having forgone a helmet or any other safety gear. His pride, on the other hand, might have taken a bit of a knock.



Pretty sure he forgot he was in the real world and not in GTA XD

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