Travis Pastrana Will Drift This 1983 Subaru GL Monster In The Next Gymkhana

Hoonigan has revealed the vehicular star for the next Gymkhana instalment, and it's a boxy Subaru from the 80s
Travis Pastrana Will Drift This 1983 Subaru GL Monster In The Next Gymkhana

Move over carbon WRX STI, Travis Pastrana has a new and very different kind of Subaru with which to generate huge clouds of smoke. The stunt driver and rally ace, who took over the Gymkhana reins from Ken Block not so long ago, used Instagram to reveal his new ride - a 1983 GL wagon.

Known as the Leone in some markets, the boxy estate doesn’t seem like the most obvious candidate for tyre-shredding tomfoolery, but it doesn’t look like there’s much of the standard car left. It’s now sitting pretty on larger wheels (gold, of course) with huge arch extensions, and judging by its brief appearance in a Hoonigan video (below), it’s packing some sort of heavily modified boxer-four. Its STI predecessor, for reference, made 850bhp and 664lb ft of torque from a 2.3-litre flat-four.

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We’re left guessing here as no technical information is available. Pastrana has at least confirmed he will indeed be using it for the next Gymkhana film as Block “is giving me another shot”. Before now, it wasn’t known if the man’s subbing duties were a one-off or a longer-running thing.

Pastrana also gave some initial driving impressions of what he describes as “the coolest car I’ve ever driven”. He said:

“Shorter wheelbase makes it more agile and the boxy body makes it easier for proximity driving. This car should allow me to some higher speed proximity drifts while upping my slower speed technical driving to the bar Ken expects from the Gymkhana Series.”

Travis Pastrana Will Drift This 1983 Subaru GL Monster In The Next Gymkhana

Hopefully, we’ll also be getting as much airtime as Gymkhana 2020, which included a spectacular jump over the harbour of Annapolis, Pastrana’s Maryland hometown. Oh, and a powerboat racer was tearing across the water underneath at the time.

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We’re not sure when filming will commence for ‘Gymkhana 2022’, nor do we know when it’ll be out. We can at least be fairly certain it’ll be worth the wait.


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