This Toyota Chaser Tourer V TRD Is A JDM Sports Saloon Gem

A 276bhp 1JZ, rear-drive and a nicely ridiculous rear wing make today's used car pick an awfully tempting one
This Toyota Chaser Tourer V TRD Is A JDM Sports Saloon Gem

A few weeks ago, we wondered what might have been if Mazda put its twin-turbo V6 626 into production 20 years ago. We’ve since learned that concept was “broken up many years ago,” a fate that didn’t surprise us all that much, but a nonetheless sad one.

If you like the idea of a big-winged late nineties/early noughties Japanese sports saloon with six-cylinders, however, such a thing did enter production. Enter stage left (sideways, probably): the lengthily-named Toyota Chaser Tourer V TRD Sports.

This Toyota Chaser Tourer V TRD Is A JDM Sports Saloon Gem

That pro drifter’s favourite, the sixth-gen JZX100 Chaser, could be specced with either an inline-four diesel or one of several inline-six petrols. It was available with a 2JZ, but only the ‘GE’ naturally-aspirated version. So, the one you want is the Tourer V with its 2.5-litre 1JZ-GTE.

Power from the single-turbo six is (depending on how rigidly you believe Toyota stuck to the Japanese Automobile Manufacturer’s Association gentleman’s agreement) 276bhp, but of course, it’s easy enough to extract a lot more if desired. Power goes to the rear wheels exclusively via a five-speed manual gearbox.

This Toyota Chaser Tourer V TRD Is A JDM Sports Saloon Gem

What you see here is no ordinary Tourer V, however. Finished in Super White II, it has the factory-fitted TRD Sports kit, which includes an angrier front grille, a strut brace, various TRD badges and decals, a fruitier exhaust and yes, a socking-great rear wing. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes since the regular Tourer V has a certain sleeper vibe to it, but we dig the TRD’s more outlandish look.

Imported to Australia in 2020, the car currently resides in Brisbane. It comes with the original tool kit, paperwork proving the authenticity of the factory TRD bits, and “extensive” service history documenting loads of work done both in Japan and Australia.

This Toyota Chaser Tourer V TRD Is A JDM Sports Saloon Gem

Most recently, the Chaser had a filter and fluid service plus an air conditioning re-gas at 105,500 kilometres. A little further back at 80,530 kilometres, the cambelt was changed. Currently, the car is showing 105,500 km on the clock, which is about 65,500 miles.

The TRD’d Chaser is up for online auction on Collecting Cars, ending on Friday 23 April. At the time of writing, the bidding is at $10,750 (AUS) with four days to go.




Slightly different, but this is my Toyota Crown Athlete, absolutely love it, 3.5 V6 with 315bhp, runs the 2GR-FSE engine.
Always loved my rare cars, this has probably been my favourite.

04/19/2021 - 16:44 |
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that rear makes me very happy

04/19/2021 - 21:01 |
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This is so sick, I think it’s awesome that these cars aren’t 30 grand like other 90’s jdm cars because of the fanboys.

04/27/2021 - 15:52 |
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