These Amazing Drift Photos Were Taken On A Modified Game Boy Camera

Someone attached a Canon SLR lens to a Game Boy Camera and took the DIY rig to a local drift competition to create some amazing retro photos
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Modern camera technology means even consumers on more limited budgets can get hold of highly advanced photography equipment. Some, however, find it more fun to stick to the past. And we’re not talking about hand-me-down film cameras - no, today we’re discussing the Game Boy Camera.

First released nearly 25 years ago, the device slides into the Game Boy’s cartridge slot, and once there, it can take diddly 128×112 pixel greyscale images. Should you have also splashed out on the Game Boy Printer that came out the same year - which is little more than a glorified receipt printer - you could make physical copies of your work too.

Years after the Game Boy Camera’s brief stint on sale, the device has had something of a resurgence. With some modifications it’s possible to get those tiny pictures onto a PC, leading to a rise in Game Boy Camera use for artistic purposes. The retro feel of these photos gives them a very unique appeal, providing a quirky edge over what you’d take with a conventional camera.

Some have even managed to attach proper lenses to these things, and yes, then take pictures of cars. One such enthusiast is Conor Merrigan, who posted a couple of videos showing some of his Game Boy Camera modifications, including the use of a 3D printed adaptor to attach an 18-55mm Canon SLR lens.

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Conor took his home-brewed rig to a local drift event at Wakefield Park in New South Wales, Australia. The results are amazing, working particularly well since a lot of the subjects - cars like S14 Nissan Silvias - are a similar age to the Game Boy Camera. Here’s hoping more outings are planned.

Source: Instagram/YouTube via TheDrive


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