Subaru WRX Given Mitsubishi Evo Face Swap With Surprisingly Agreeable Results

Someone transplanted the face of a Lancer Evo IX on a 'blobeye' Impreza WRX, and it works surprisingly well
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The Subaru WRX vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution thing was once one of the biggest rivalries in the car world. Times change, however - the popularity of both models declined dramatically over the years, and while Subaru took the WRX out of many major markets, Mitsubishi pulled the plug on the Evo entirely a few years back.

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In the face of technically better but subjectively less interesting affordable performance cars, the pair have lost out, giving rival fan groups some common ground. You will still find some more stubborn WRX and Evo aficionados out there who’ll never let go of their hate for the other side, of course, but here’s something that might just unite the groups. Or make them even madder.

What you see here is a second-generation Subaru Impreza WRX, which has had its ‘blobeye’-style front end removed and replaced with the face of a Mitsubishi Evolution IX from around the same era. Its builder, a chap called Jonah, freely admits the whole point of the project was to “p—s all the subi / evo guys off.”

The thing is, though, the completed car works weirdly well. The eye-catching Soul Red wrap certainly helps, but more importantly, the fit and finish is great considering the kind of modifications necessary to get the Evo face on.

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The Evo front wings sat several centimetres out from the WRX’s doors in their stock form, so they had to be cut and merged with parts of the WRX wings. The car’s front structure also had to be extensively modified to accommodate the Mitsubishi light clusters.

The ‘Subevo’ still requires a little more work (it’s still lacking a front grille, for instance), but it’s as good as there. It’ll no doubt be followed up at some point, as Jonah has a penchant for face-swapping cars, with past projects including an Infiniti G37 with the front end of a 370Z.

Video via Car Buzz


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