Roush Performance Reveals 2023 TrakPak Mustang

Tuned for maximum performance and an epic soundtrack, the Roush TrakPak Mustang is a head turner.
Roush Performance Reveals 2023 TrakPak Mustang

Roush Performance has been enhancing Ford Mustangs and pickup trucks for over 25 years and its latest creation is the stunning 2023 TrakPak Mustang. As the name suggests, it’s designed for the track, so handling and performance have been dialed up for the ultimate track machine.

Custom-calibrated MagneRide suspension helps the ‘Stang stick to the track and the gloss black or palladium gray Roush 20-inch wheels are wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires. Transmission and differential coolers work with the performance oil cooling system and heat-extracting vents to decrease engine and driveline temperatures to keep you on the track for longer.

Roush Performance Reveals 2023 TrakPak Mustang

The active exhaust system is set to be a highlight of the package, using an electronically controlled valve to give the driver control over the tone and volume emitted from the black-tipped quad exhaust pipes. There’s also an active exhaust app that gives drivers the ability to create their own sound profile. As always, the Roush version has some styling upgrades that aid aerodynamics including a black spoiler, a lower grille front chin spoiler, hood and fender heat extractors.

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To complete the look, luxury upgrades continue on the inside with quilted black or Amaretto brown leather seats. The six-speed manual transmission is paired with a Roush shift ball or there’s a 10-speed automatic available. There’s also a Roush selector dial to change between touring, sport, track and custom modes.

Roush Performance Reveals 2023 TrakPak Mustang

Jack Roush Jr. says, “The 2023 TrakPak is a celebration of over 25 years of performance engineering. We’re enthusiasts first, so we wanted to blend top-of-the-line performance modifications with a hint of luxury to create the perfect track machine. I own one myself and can tell you firsthand that we accomplished what we set out to do. I’m very excited to add the TrakPak to our 2023 flagship lineup.”

The 2023 Roush TrakPak Mustang comes with Roush’s 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and starts at $20,150 (around £16,200) on top of the original purchase price.


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