Rimac Nevera Drag Races F1 Car And McMurtry Spéirling In Mind-Bending Showdown

It’s an electric vs combustion competition in these drag races from Carwow, which contain results you may find surprising
McMurtry vs Rimac vs Red Bull drag race
McMurtry vs Rimac vs Red Bull drag race

The McMurtry Spéirling has proven itself to be awfully fast. It can do 0-60mph in 1.4 seconds, which sounds like a very good way to get neck ache for the rest of the week, and it’ll dispatch a standing quarter mile in less than eight seconds. Last year, it won the Goodwood Festival of Speed shootout with a record-breaking time. Naturally, then, we want to see it in a drag race. 

See it in a drag race we now can, and it’s a doozy. Carwow has put the pint-sized EV missile against perhaps the king of EV hypercars, the Rimac Nevera. With 1,888bhp it’s getting on for twice as powerful as the circa-1,000bhp McMurtry, but it’s also more than double the weight, and unlike the Spéirling, it doesn’t have a fan sucking it to the floor for ludicrous traction. 

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Making things even more interesting is a third challenger – an F1 car. To be specific, it’s the Red Bull RB8, AKA the car with which Sebastian Vettel bagged his third F1 championship. It’s a treat for the ears, powered by a 2.4-litre, naturally aspirated Renault V8. God, we miss the noise of these things in Grands Prix. 

The RB8 is the featherweight of the group, coming in at around 700kg, but it’s the least powerful, with ‘only’ 800bhp to its name. It struggles off the line in the first outing, making it a two-horse race between the Spéirling and the Nevera, during which the former comes out on top. It does better in the second race but still doesn’t have an answer for the electric fury of the other two. 

Rimac Nevera Drag Races F1 Car And McMurtry Spéirling In Mind-Bending Showdown

The Red Bull comes into its own during the rolling-start race but is held back at higher speeds by its draggy, high-downforce aero package, giving the win to the Nevera. The Spéirling comes last, owing to its much lower top speed, but don’t worry, there’s a 190mph ‘Pure’ customer version on the way. 

If these drag races have convinced you, give McMurtry a call. And ensure you have the £820,000 needed to snag one. That might sound like a lot, but compared to the Nevera, which is more like £2 million, it’s a bargain. Sort of. 


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