Praga, The Czech Carmaker You’ve Never Heard Of, Is Releasing A Hypercar

Praga is known for its aeroplanes, trucks and a sole production sports car, but will now release an upcoming hypercar.
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Czech manufacturer Praga has just released a teaser for its upcoming hypercar. You’d be forgiven for not having heard of the Czech carmaker before, as it’s only ever released one road-legal sports car this century.

The brand has actually been around since 1907 making aeroplanes, trucks, trolleybuses – you name it. It even made cars until 1947 and, after a long hiatus, released a sportscar called the R1R in 2015, which was reviewed by sister title Evo.

There’s not much to see in the teaser itself, with the car only seen under a cover embellished with the ‘Praga’ logo, and some quick close-up shots of the car’s wheels in motion and a titanium exhaust.

Praga R1R
Praga R1R

Aside from some dramatic music, there are also some sounds from the car’s engine – ICE enthusiasts will be happy to hear it’s not an EV.

The car will also reportedly come with Alcon brakes, and likely less aero than Praga’s out-and-out race cars for the track, but by the looks of the model’s shape underneath its cover, it’ll still be pretty extreme.

There are very few technical details at the moment, but Praga’s car will be taking on such track-day monsters as the BAC Mono and KTM X-Bow. It’ll be a low-volume production model – a racecar for the road. We wouldn’t expect any comfort or convenience features to make it easy to live with on a daily basis.

With Praga set to unveil the model on November 23, we’ll be interested to see how things play out for the newcomer on the hypercar stage.


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