This Poor BMW 8 Series Sports Fiat Barchetta Headlights

We’re not sure of the thought process behind this build, which sees a new Fiat-y front end and 3 Series tail-lights grafted on to a classic 8 Series
This Poor BMW 8 Series Sports Fiat Barchetta Headlights

Originality and creativity makes the car scene interesting, as otherwise you’d end up with rows of Ford Focus STs with Airtec intercoolers and RS spoilers. Oh, wait… But, we’re here to show you a pretty unique car with some unusual modifications, and as those overpriced car sales listings tend to say, “find another like it”.

What you’re looking at was originally an E31 BMW 8 Series, but with the front and rear ends changed so now it looks nothing like the car it started out as. Instead of a wedgy nose with pop-up headlights, this car features light clusters from a Fiat Barchetta. The BMW kidney grilles are out, replaced with a wider panel. It looks stylish but anonymous, a bit like a kit car.

This Poor BMW 8 Series Sports Fiat Barchetta Headlights

The rear end features brake light clusters from a E36/5 3 Series Compact, with tints to blend in with the black bodywork. New bumpers tuck underneath the car like a 1960s sports car (or a boat). Sticking out of the rear are four long exhaust pipes, complete with red paint in the tips. It sits on aftermarket wheels and even has new door handles for a more old-school look.

This is no base-spec 8 Series; it started life as an 850i and still has the factory-fitted 5.0-litre V12. Producing around 300bhp, the 850i gets from 0-60mph as fast as a modern-day hot hatch, even with an outdated four-speed auto. Besides upgraded sports springs, the underpinnings have been left alone. Reportedly, the car drives with no problems, but we’d still recommend leaving a hefty contingency budget for when those big bills inevitably come.

This Poor BMW 8 Series Sports Fiat Barchetta Headlights

The interior is recognisable as a ‘90s BMW, but it does feature a new steering wheel, aftermarket leather bucket seats and a whopping sound system. It’s pretty much a Barchetta coupe now, with just the two seats in place - the rear seats have been replaced by speakers.

It would be interesting to learn why this 8 Series has received its face and butt transplants, especially as it’d be worth a fair bit of money stock. Perhaps the car was involved in a shunt and the original parts were hard to come by, or perhaps it’s just someone’s idea of the perfect-looking BMW.

This Poor BMW 8 Series Sports Fiat Barchetta Headlights

As Carscoops reports, the car is currently up for sale. Listed as a finished project, it’s up for $12,999 (just under £9,500), but was previously sold as unfinished back in 2013 for around $5000. Would you drive this mash-up of BMW luxury and Fiat style?

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*Sad Sreten noises

10/25/2021 - 17:58 |
4 | 0
Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

It looks surprisingly good. Getting retro sports car vibes. The whole body has been reworked to be more smooth and curvy. Like, it’s a REALLY well made kit car.
I’d buy it if i had the money and also money to pay the taxes and insurance for a 5.0L engine.

10/26/2021 - 08:53 |
2 | 0

The front end really looks like a mix between an Alfa 166 and a Lancia Thesis. Me likey.

10/26/2021 - 10:24 |
2 | 0



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