Ogle The Electric Lexus LFA Successor From All Angles

There's a new batch of images for Lexus' all-electric supercar, which will be "reviving the spirit of the iconic Lexus LFA" when it arrives in 2030
Ogle The Electric Lexus LFA Successor From All Angles

Amid the usual pre-Christmas car news lull last December, we were a little taken aback when Toyota released no less than fifteen new electric concept cars all at once. There was a lot to process, although there was a clear favourite that jumped out to us immediately - a Lexus-branded supercar.

Well, Toyota called it a ‘sports car’, but the one hint of a performance stat provided - a “low two-second” 0-62mph time - told a different story. Plus, CEO Akio Toyoda promised a car that would “inherit” the “secret sauce” of the legendary Lexus LFA. Now, this kinda/sorta successor to the seminal V10-powered supercar is back in a fresh set of images.

Ogle The Electric Lexus LFA Successor From All Angles

It’s our first chance to get a proper look at the car from all angles. Also, Lexus has confirmed it’ll launch in 2030 via the “Lexus Electrified brand vision.” As noted by the press release: “Through Lexus Electrified, the company aims to fully leverage the potential of electrification to increase the joy of driving for all its customers.”

The LFA leveraging hasn’t been toned down either, with Toyota’s luxury division promising a “new model symbolises the future of the Lexus brand while also reviving the spirit of the iconic Lexus LFA”.

Ogle The Electric Lexus LFA Successor From All Angles

There are no new technical details to pick through, merely a repeating of that swift 0-62mph time and another promise of a range exceeding 430 miles. The latter figure will be made possible via the use of solid-state batteries. Such technology is still a little way off a production setting, but by 2030, the industry could be in the right place. Solid-state batteries offer better energy density, lower weight and are more resistant to degradation.

Although the LFA “secret sauce” supercar was the car we made a virtual beeline for, it was far from the only concept of the 15 with enthusiast appeal. There was also what looked like a reborn FJ cruiser, a two-seater sports car that might just be the next Toyota MR2, and a very smart-looking Lexus saloon. Hopefully, we’ll get image dumps for those too in the near future.




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