Nissan Note Filmed Rolling Off Rising Bridge In Belgium

The occupants of a Nissan Note escaped without sustaining serious injuries after the car got stuck on one side of a rising bridge
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A bizarre incident in Leuven, Belgium last week left a hatchback upside down after it slid off a rising bridge. What looks to be a Nissan Note (it’s hard to tell in the potato-spec footage) was filmed parked on one side of the Marie Thumas Bridge as it rose, desperately holding on until the angle became too extreme.

Eventually, the Nissan slides backwards off the bridge, rolling onto its roof. The three occupants, a couple and their 18-month old child had to be freed from the stricken vehicle by the fire brigade. All were taken to the nearby Gasthuisberg hospital, although thankfully none of them suffered serious injuries.

Nissan Note Filmed Rolling Off Rising Bridge In Belgium

It hasn’t been determined if the driver didn’t notice or ignored the red lights for the bridge, or if a technical fault meant they did not display early enough before the road started rising to allow a ship to pass through. The red light was certainly illuminated once the bridge was being opened, as shown in one image published by the Brussels Times, in which we can also see closed barriers.

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Vlaamse Waterweg (Flemish Waterway) said last week that it was investigating the cause of the incident.

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