The Jensen Interceptor Makes Mincemeat Of Lambo's Espada

Who'da thunk it? People actually like the Espada. Still, you should like the Interceptor more...

It's fair to say opinion was divided when Alex gave the Lamborghini Espada a beating last week.

"Fuck off, we'd all still drive one. With massive boners", said one enlightened individual on Reddit. "I think the author is a complete asshole" said another.

Those who weren't typing from padded cells largely agreed with us though. But perhaps the greatest words of wisdom were from CT's own Ollie Kew.


like a squashed Jensen Interceptor," he opined. And you know, he might be onto something: sloping roofline, long rear overhang, short at the front, squared-off rear arch and quad front lights in a black slatted grille...

Except, of course, that the Interceptor looks awesome, while the Espada looks like a spangly kit car. And for that reason, if we had all been caddish gentlemen in the late 1960s or early 70s - and you can be damn sure we'd have been up there with the best - we'd all have been driving Interceptors.

The name is genius, for a start. Has there ever been a cooler-sounding car than Jensen Interceptor?

'Ford Mustang' sounds pretty good, except that in the UK at least Ford is only as cool as your nan's Fiesta, despite valiant efforts by Cosworth to jazz it up a little. 'Chevy Corvette' is good too, and virtually any Italian car name slips off the tongue like a strand of spaghetti... 'Alfa Romeo Giulietta'. You said that just now in your head, with an Italian accent. Jooo-leee-et-aaaah.

But "Jensen Interceptor" tops them all. And we've not even got to the ingredients yet.

Italian styling, by Carrozzeria Touring. 7.2 litres (or should that be 440 cubes?) of the finest, prime-cut American V8 from Chrysler. And the sort of craftsmanship and luxury that could only have originated from Britain in the 1960s. Hell, if they'd given it to the Germans to build with Japanese electrics then there might never have been a better automotive concoction.

It drives well too, if your favourite vehicle is currently a Riva Aquarama speedboat. It floats and bobs and lurches, but then Interceptors aren't about B-road scratching.

Instead, you point it down a continental motorway and let the engine do its stuff. And pretend you can't see the fuel gauge diving for cover.

There's sumptuous seats and gauges galore inside, and that fish-bowl rear screen lends the cabin an airy... air. It all makes long-distance travel rather pleasant, which is exactly what GTs are about.

Okay, the Espada was more potent, and a bit lighter too. It even has four extra cylinders. But then CT's readers have spoken - you'd take an eight over a twelve any day.

What we're trying to say is, the Jensen is just better. And if I'm lucky, nobody will think I'm a complete asshole for saying so...


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