It's 2022 And The Pagani Zonda Still Isn't Dead

Pagani is preparing the final car in its Zonda 760 Series, nearly 23 years after the reveal of the original C12
It's 2022 And The Pagani Zonda Still Isn't Dead

2022 will mark 10 years since Pagani put the Zonda-replacing Huayra into production. The Huayra itself will imminently be usurped by an all-new model, and yet, the old Zonda still refuses to die.

Although technically decommissioned by Pagani years ago, the Italian company will still build a Zonda for you provided a big enough bag of cash is sent its way. Various ‘760 Series’ Zondas have emerged since the supercar’s ‘end’, including Lewis Hamilton’s ‘760LH’, and what you see below might just be the last of these.

The tease comes not from Pagani itself, but from London-based 3D modelling and graphics company LMM Design, which said it is “creating the full specification” for the car. It’s said to be the fifth and final 760 Roadster and will emerge 23 years on from the original Zonda C12’s reveal at the Geneva Motor Show.

An Instagram carousel gives a darkened preview of the car’s profile, which includes the vertical fin and roof scoop combo seen on other 760 cars. We can also see various images of the car undergoing construction at Pagani’s Modena factory, including a particularly naughty shot of the rear showing the engine, exhaust and inboard dampers.

It's 2022 And The Pagani Zonda Still Isn't Dead

If the previous 760s are anything to go by, said engine will be a naturally-aspirated 7.3-litre Mercedes-AMG V12. It’ll drive the rear wheels via either a sequential ‘robotised manual’ gearbox or a traditional six-speed stick shift transmission.

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2022 is set to be a busy year for Pagani. Along with the Huayra replacement and this Zonda, the firm is busy developing an all-new nat-asp V12 with help from Mercedes CLK GTR builders HWA AG for the Huayra R.


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