Forza Motorsport Devs Backtrack On Controversial Progression System

Forza Motorsport’s ‘car-PG’ level-based upgrade system has been a sore point in the community, and now it’s being completely overhauled
Forza Motorsport Devs Backtrack On Controversial Progression System

Among the chief complaints from the Forza Motorsport community with the latest iteration of the game has been its controversial car progression system, focusing on RPG-style levelling rather than letting players buy parts outright. Developers Turn 10 Studios had promised it’d be ‘exploring’ changes, and now it’s revealed how it’ll overhaul the system.

At the game’s launch in October, to unlock upgrades for your car in Forza, you’d need to rank it up with various parts unlocking from level 1 to 50. Each level would award you more car points, allowing you to slowly improve its performance.

However, not everyone has been happy with this, as it marked a drastic change from previous Forza Motorsport titles (and the existing Horizon system) which simply allows you to buy any upgrade immediately with credits.

Turn 10 is addressing this directly, with ‘Update 6’ expected in March to largely backtrack on the existing feature. Car points will remain, but you’ll now be able to buy them with credits and every upgrade will be available from the start. Initially, 500 car points will cost 4,500 in-game credits although based on the studio’s wording that it’s ‘testing’ this ratio, that could change in the future.

Forza Motorsport - car points upgrade system
Forza Motorsport - car points upgrade system

Those who do enjoy the level-based system can still use it though, with car points still freely awarded with each car level. Regardless of how you choose to acquire your car points, you’ll still be awarded a 5 per cent discount for a respective manufacturer if you reach level 50 with a car.

It’s the first we’ve heard of how Turn 10 will fix three key issues with the game that it promised to address. The others are Forza Race Regulations, the in-game automated stewarding system, as well as the AI competitors in single-player races. We’d expect to hear more on those pretty soon. 


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