Ford's 5.2 'Predator' GT500 V8 Is Now A $25,995 Crate Engine

The GT500's V8 has made its much-anticipated debut as a crate engine, and predictably it's not cheap
Ford's 5.2 'Predator' GT500 V8 Is Now A $25,995 Crate Engine

As a prime example of the weird state of flux the car world finds itself in right now, Ford has two extremely different crate powertrain options debuting this month - the (already sold out) 278bhp electric ‘Eluminator’ motor and a 5.2-litre ‘Predator’ V8, AKA the 750bhp monster normally found under the aggressively vented bonnet of the Shelby Mustang GT500.

The latter’s addition to the Ford Performance catalogue isn’t a surprise at all - the division’s engine product manager Mike Goodwin let the cat out of the bag at last year’s SEMA show. Now, though, it’s gone official, and we have a price. And as anticipated, it’s a big’un.

Ford's 5.2 'Predator' GT500 V8 Is Now A $25,995 Crate Engine

The engine, listed as part number M-6007-M52SC, is priced at $25,995. That’s more than three times what you pay for the Mustang GT’s Coyote V8 in crate form, and not far off the cost of an actual Mustang. You are getting something a whole lot more powerful and complex than the Coyote, however. In fact, you’re looking at Ford’s most powerful crate engine, easily usurping the Blue Oval’s 646bhp 572 pushrod V8 from its former position at the top.

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Inside the Predator’s aluminium block are forged aluminium pistons coated in an anti-friction material called Grafal, while below is a forged steel cross-plane crankshaft. Sitting on top is an Eaton TVS R2650 supercharger helping the V8 achieve 750bhp and 625lb ft of torque. All of this weighs in at 243kg, not including the front end auxiliary drive stuff.

Ford's 5.2 'Predator' GT500 V8 Is Now A $25,995 Crate Engine

For your $26k, you’re getting the engine itself (well, duh), the supercharger, left and right exhaust manifolds, an alternator, air-conditioning compressor and a 92mm throttle body. Mechanically, everything you need to get going is included, but for the electrical side of the equation, you’re going to have to either source something yourself or pay extra for Ford’s control pack. We’re not sure how much that’ll cost just yet.

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