The Ford Mustang Mach E Is The Latest Moose Test Victim

A wayward rear end hampered the Mach E during Teknikens Värld's moose test, with the car struggling even at low speeds
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The infamous moose test remains a tricky thing for modern cars to pass. Not long ago we saw the BMW M4 fail thanks to its aggressive setup, and the latest ‘victim’ is Ford’s Mustang Mach E. In a test run by Teknikens Värld, arguably the ‘masters of the moose’, the EV struggled even at lower speeds.

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While the Tesla Model Y tested on the same day was able to cleanly get through both sets of cones at 75kmh (46.6mph) and a Hyundai Ionic 5 at 72kmh (44.7kmh), the Mach E found itself clipping the outside of the second gate at 68kmh. This indicates that in the real world, it would have clipped the kerb/verge at the road’s edge.

The Ford Mustang Mach E Is The Latest Moose Test Victim

It’s all to do with a wayward rear end - despite this being an all-wheel drive model, the Mach E lives up to the ‘Mustang’ bit of its name by stepping out dramatically during fast changes of direction. At 72kmh, the car got so out of shape it wasn’t even close to making it through the third gate. It disappeared out of frame, effectively leaving ‘the road’.

It had the highest permitted weight of the four cars tested, but the Skoda Enyaq was only 22kg behind yet got through the test at 72kmh. Instead of the Much E’s heft, Teknikens Värld blamed the ESP for its failure to keep the rear end in check.

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When tested by Spanish publication Km77 a few months back, the Mach E (also in AWD long-range form) fared slightly better, scraping through at 71kmh. In the slalom test, the Mach E again showed its tendency for oversteer shenanigans. Coming soon to a cars and coffee near you?

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