The Fast-Ish VW ID.4 GTX Has 300bhp And A New Badge

The first-ever VW to wear its new 'GTX' badge has emerged, featuring a twin-motor powertrain and mid-tier hot hatch performance
The Fast-Ish VW ID.4 GTX Has 300bhp And A New Badge

Not content with offering GTIs, GTDs and GTEs, VW recently revealed an all-new GTX sub-brand earlier this month, reserved for fast EVs. Now, we can take a good look at the first car to wear the fresh badge: the ID.4 GTX.

Joining the rear motor offered in the boggo ID.4 is a new motor for the front axle, providing the car with an all-wheel drive setup. Combined, they bring 295bhp to the table, which isn’t far off what you get in the new Tiguan R.

The Fast-Ish VW ID.4 GTX Has 300bhp And A New Badge

It has to lumber around with a 77kWh battery pack, however, so it’s quite a bit heavier than a Tiguan powered solely by internal combustion. As such, the ID.4 GTX is slower, although its 6.2-second 0-62mph time isn’t to be grumbled at. The top speed is 112mph, up from 99mph in the single-motor ID.4. If the performance stats sound familiar, that’ll be because they match that of the closely related Skoda Enyaq vRS.

From the sounds of it, the standard GTX chassis doesn’t get any radical physical chassis changes, unless the optional Sports package is specced. Ticking that box gives the ID.4 a variable ratio steering rack and 15mm lower suspension, with the option to spruce the car up further with adaptive dampers.

The Fast-Ish VW ID.4 GTX Has 300bhp And A New Badge

To look at, it isn’t massively different to the regular ID.4. There’s a tweaked rear bumper and new wheels, while the front end is mostly the same save for some new daytime running lights in the side ‘intakes’. There’s no GTX branding on the front grille a la GTI/GTD/GTE, with the new badge reserved for the front wings and the boot lid.

There’s more in the way of GTX badging on the inside, along with a sportier steering wheel and a 30-colour ambient lighting system. Instead of the usual Alcantara, the seats feature stuff called ‘ArtVelours’, which is created from used plastic bottles.

The Fast-Ish VW ID.4 GTX Has 300bhp And A New Badge

The additional motor drags the range down a tad to 298 miles (you get up to 323 miles in an ID.4 Pro Performance), but the car still has 125kW fast-charger compatibility. With the right kind of charger, it’s possible to top the battery up by 186 miles (300 kilometres) in half an hour.

We don’t know how much the GTX will cost in the UK just yet, but it is on sale now in Germany for €50,415 after €7500 is lopped off the price via a government subsidy.


🎺🎺thank mr skeltal

I have a feeling this car is going to sell like hot cakes. Not just the GTX, but the regular ID.4 as well. Compact SUVs are so hot right now, plus the ID.4 is the perfect EV for people who only drove ICE cars before. It drives just like a regular ICE Tiguan, but has all the advantages of an electric vehicle. I’m not a massive fan of it personally (love the ID.3 though), but I suspect the potential buyers will love it.

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