This Epic R/C Style Fast & Furious 6 Trailer Is Better Than The Original

Using r/c cars as a parody to the new F&F official trailer is the coolest thing we've seen

Fast & Furious RC Drift meme

We're looking forward to the 6th incarnation of the Fast & Furious franchise and to help the wait between now and May 24th, we've found this epic parody of the official trailer.

Little Jeeps are cool Badass little Jeeps

It's a lot cheaper than the real thing and all the vehicles are a little smaller, but this r/c Fast & Furious trailer is all the better for it. That's right, all the driving scenes in this version are done using remote control cars.

There's even little explosions! There's even tiny explosions!

As we've seen in the past with miniature Gymkhana and tiny Mustangs chasing each other, RC action shots are just way cooler than the real deal.

'He gotta tank!' 'He gotta tank!'

Check out the new & improved trailer below.


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