Enjoy Watching 9 Minutes Of Cars That Look Out Of Place At The Nurburgring

This compilation video celebrates some more unconventional 'Ring weapons, from a track-prepped Fiat Multipla to a bog-standard Citroen AX
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Spectate at a Nurburgring Nordschleife touristenfahrten for a little while, or watch some of the highlights reels that crop up on YouTube, and you’ll see a lot of the same sorts of cars. Think Porsche 911 GT3s of various eras, and stripped out old BMW M3s.

We get why - cars like that make for ideal ‘Ring tools. Some people like to do things a little differently, however, as shown in this new video from Auto Addiction. In it, we see all sorts of unconventional vehicles lapping the Nordschleife, including One Lap Heroes‘ famous Fiat Multipla, several vans, and even a Peugeot 1007. Yep, the one with the sliding doors that hardly anyone bought.

Enjoy Watching 9 Minutes Of Cars That Look Out Of Place At The Nurburgring

There are some industry pool testing clips thrown in for good measure too, including several of Land Rover’s fabulous-sounding Defender V8, which looks a lot tidier around the corners than you might think. Also featured is a Hyundai Tuscon, making a fair-less appealing noise - the tortured tyre squeal of understeer.

It’s hard to pick out a favourite from all these, but it might have to be the bog-standard Citroen AX, the driver of which really isn’t hanging about.



What’s wrong with the Saab?

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