EA Sports F1 24: Everything You Need To Know

EA Sport’s annual F1 title arrives is out now. Here’s everything you need to know
EA Sports F1 24: Everything You Need To Know

With the 2024 Formula One season in full swing, it was only inevitable that the new game would follow. Now, EA Sports F1 24 has released in full.

It’s the 15th consecutive Formula One game to come from Codemasters, now under the stewardship of EA Sports. Here’s everything you need to know about the title.

F1 24 gameplay trailer

The gameplay trailer for F1 24 gave us a look at some of the game’s newly remodelled circuits, as well as its weather effects and new radio messages. Footage shows snippets of races at Spa-Francorchamps, Monaco, Silverstone, Losail and Shanghai, with the first of those venues receiving the most significant overhaul. Reflecting real-life changes at the Belgian circuit, the new grandstand and run-off at the Raidillon turn have been added, and various other rough edges on the old model have been tidied up. Silverstone, Losail and Jeddah have also received minor updates.

The rain effects look just as impressive as last year, while new Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination lighting software helps to keep the game’s environs looking fresh despite it running on a nearly decade-old engine. The new radio messages, meanwhile, feature real driver recordings for the first time, with soundbites taken from TV broadcasts, which should add an extra layer of immersion.

F1 24 changes and new features

The biggest change for F1 24 is the new ‘EA Sports Dynamic Handling’ model, which promises to improve cornering, rolling resistance and brake pressure in the game as well as the cars responding better to ambient track changes and other variable conditions.

EA Sports F1 24: Everything You Need To Know

A revamped career mode features, allowing you to race as one of the existing 20 drivers on the 2024 grid, any driver in Formula 2 working through the ranks or even return as one of F1 2024's 'Icons'. Pastor Maldonado redemption arc inbound. A new reputation system has been introduced which will impact the contracts you're offered throughout your career as well as your impact on R&D. 

The F1 World game mode, which includes limited-time challenges and real-life scenarios, returns for a second season although with no major changes.

There's no new entry into the ‘Braking Point’ story mode series that appeared in the last title, with that second chapter following two years on from the first in F1 21. If another is to come, F1 25 is more likely.

F1 24 game release date and pre-order bonuses

EA Sports F1 24: Everything You Need To Know

F1 24 is now available. This makes it the earliest-released F1 game from the studio, which has typically released recent titles in late June. The is playable on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, S and One plus PC.  Those going for the Champions Edition are too late to make the most of early access, but will still get a heap of other bonuses for doing so. 

You’ll also receive two new Icons to hire as teammates in career mode, along with 18,000 pitcoin - the game’s virtual currency - and a bunch of resources for F1 World car development.

If you’ve owned any previous F1 title since F1 2021, you’re also eligible for a 15 per cent discount on the new game.


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