This Crazy 8000bhp BMW Concept Is The Coolest Thing You've Ever Seen

Check out BMW's epic 42-wheeled, 19-engined concept! The best thing you've ever seen?

Today, we've learnt two things about BMW: 1. The new production BMW 3-Series GT is ugly and 2. The new BMW 4219 ELi concept will blow your mind. So what's this 42-wheeled monster all about then, eh?

Rewind back to the end of January and you may have noticed a rather intriguing request, which was featured on Jalopnik. A reader called Ben sent in a plea to the website asking that someone design a car, which had been dreamed up by his four-year-old nephew Eli. These were the features that Eli had in mind for his ultimate car:

- It's a BMW - 42 wheels, and of course 42-wheel drive - It is powered by 19 Porsche engines, each producing 459 horsepower. - The engines are all linked to a single transmission. - There are seats and three steering wheels, and all three can drive the car at the same time. - The trunk is full of toys and you can play in it.

To cut a long story short, BMW caught wind of the feature and spent - what looks like a pretty long time - creating the ultimate car for Eli.

Dubbed the BMW 4219 ELi (42 wheels, 19 engines, Extra Long wheelbase and fuel injection), the concept racer features 8271hp, all-wheel drive, a front and rear engine bay, 'massive air intakes' and a motorsport spoiler. And lest we forget that all-important toy trunk out back.

The best concept the world has ever seen? We certainly think so. Bravo BMW, bravo!


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