The Tiny Citroen Ami Is Now On Sale And It Costs Just £20 A Month

The Citroen Ami quadricycle is now Britain’s cheapest new ‘car’ on sale
The Tiny Citroen Ami Is Now On Sale And It Costs Just £20 A Month

By far one of the most popular new cars we’ve had on Car Throttle’s YouTube channel this year technically isn’t a car at all. People seem to adore the Citroen Ami, after Citroen received over 12,000 expressions of interest in the quadricycle from UK-based punters, the French manufacturer decided to bring it to the UK. It costs slightly more than previously expected at £7,695, but it’s still Britain’s cheapest ‘car’ nonetheless. After a deposit of £2,369.45, you could pay just £19.99 per month to get in the driver’s seat. As attractive as that might sound, there’s a hefty £5,594 optional final payment you’ll have to make if you want to own the Ami outright.

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As the Citroen Ami is classed as a quadricycle, in some countries it can be driven licence-free by people as young as 14 years old. However, you’ll need to be at least 17 years old and hold a full AM motorcycle licence to drive it on Britain’s roads.

The Tiny Citroen Ami Is Now On Sale And It Costs Just £20 A Month

Citroen hasn’t built the Ami in right-hand drive for the UK market, but the Ami is so small, driving from the left-hand seat shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The Ami comes offered in three £400 colour packs and in ‘Pop’ and ‘Vibe’ variants which add a dose of customisation to the quirky quadricycle. Pop models will start from £8,495 and Vibe models are the priciest at £8,895. A single-seater Ami van will also be available for £7,995.

Pop models will come with the Orange Colour Pack with black exterior trim, a rear spoiler and decals. Vibe models combine a Grey Colour Pack with black roof rails and ‘contour’ decals on the doors.

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UK cars come with a Type 2 charging adaptor plus a three-pin plug to use in a domestic socket, which may be part of the reason why the official price is more than the circa £6,000 that was originally anticipated. Otherwise, Amis sold here will be as per their counterparts across the channel.

The Tiny Citroen Ami Is Now On Sale And It Costs Just £20 A Month

As a reminder, that means a 5.5kWh battery and an 8bhp electric motor giving a range of up to 46 miles. Once that little pack of cells is empty, the Ami takes around three hours to charge. Designed for busy cities, the Ami has a top speed of just 28mph.

Citroen also hopes to introduce the Ami as part of a car-sharing scheme in the future. The company’s UK MD Eurig Druce has been quoted as saying “People are buying it with cash, but I would love to see collections of Amis on street corners where it could become the norm to not get an Uber, but to get an Ami.” Could the £20 a month Ami be the start of a UK quadricycle revolution?


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