Chevrolet Is Rushing Another Camaro Facelift After Sales Plunge

Sales of the excellent Camaro have taken a serious dive, and the root cause has been traced to a 2019 model facelift that has not gone down well at all
Chevrolet Is Rushing Another Camaro Facelift After Sales Plunge

Chevrolet is fast-tracking another Camaro facelift in an attempt to reverse a rapid decline in both sales and forecourt interest.

The sixth-generation pony car was given a significant facelift for the 2019 model year, but since its reveal the online response has been overwhelmingly negative. It seems that the hate has spread to buyers of the once-popular icon, too, and sales are said to be on a rapid slide.

Chevrolet Is Rushing Another Camaro Facelift After Sales Plunge

Above is the original 2019 facelift on a Camaro SS, featuring the gaping black grille and black cross-member holding a ‘floating’ bow-tie, dubbed a flowtie. At the top of this page the same picture has been altered (by Chevrolet) to show how the “concept” face will look on the car that’s due to be shown off at SEMA, starting 30 October.

The bow-tie has been returned to the upper grille and the cross-member has been painted body colour to create a much smaller and neater two-part grille look. Rumour suggests that this new face will be grafted onto the production SS as soon as physically possible. Sales results will then be gauged to see if it works, at which point it could reach the rest of the Camaro range.

Chevrolet Is Rushing Another Camaro Facelift After Sales Plunge

Shock Yellow is a new colour to the range. It, too, will debut at SEMA and we can give that a hearty thumbs-up for bravery. It looks superb over the Camaro’s beefy lines, especially with the black bonnet elements, black wheels and black boot lip spoiler.

The 2019 Camaro SS has the option of GM’s new 10-speed automatic transmission, while the 2.0-litre turbo version can be specified with the 1LE track package.

Source: GM Authority


Burnout🔰(Rotary Fighter)(SaveCT)

Just change it back to the look of the 2016 Camaro

10/23/2018 - 08:57 |
104 | 1

The 2010 model was easier on the eyes.

10/24/2018 - 12:56 |
2 | 1

Ugly in my opinion

10/23/2018 - 09:02 |
1 | 0

There’s literally nothing wrong with the facelift

10/23/2018 - 09:07 |
3 | 7

Ya know, if there wasn’t anything wrong with it, why are sales absolutely plummeting? Hmmm

10/23/2018 - 09:09 |
7 | 0
🎺🎺thank mr skeltal

I really like the new facelift. I mean, peopld complain when facelifts don’t change anything and they complain when facelifts change something. I have to admit at first I wasn’t a huge fan of it but now it has grown on me and I like it a lot. I’d even go as far as saying it looks better than the 2016-2018 model.

10/23/2018 - 09:11 |
16 | 3
Blaž Potočnik

Facelift of a facelift actually look great, original facelift not so much but still better than Mustang

10/23/2018 - 09:15 |
0 | 2
ShadowHuayra (HemiPower)

Post post facelift?

10/23/2018 - 09:17 |
2 | 0

Good change ! The original facelift look like someone left food on the drawing board, over the center of the front of the car and a dog came in and ate entirely with rhe paper as well

10/23/2018 - 09:30 |
23 | 0
the Stig's Latvian cousin

I think chevrolet should just go to the non facelift version becouse this may make the sales better but i think the pre facelift looked the best or maybe go with more retrostyling on the facelift

10/23/2018 - 09:33 |
9 | 0

It looks sooo much better!

10/23/2018 - 09:57 |
3 | 1

The facelift looks ok but the 2016 version was much better IMO

10/23/2018 - 10:05 |
11 | 0


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