Chevrolet Monte Carlo's Donk Wheel Makes Bid For Freedom Mid-Doughnut

The oversized driver's side rear wheel of this Monte Carlo SS was ripped off at the hub during a destructive doughnut session
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Showboating for the camera in a public area with a crowd present is a good way to risk embarrassment for the whole Internet’s viewing pleasure. Everyone will be filming, and if anything goes awry, it’ll end up on social media. Normally, however, we associate such fails with crashing, but in this instance, it’s an awkward mechanical failure that has shot one driver to online infamy.

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A 1982 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with donk-spec wheels was filmed somewhere in Southern California doing doughnuts in the middle of the road, but unfortunately, the car could only keep this up so long before protesting.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo's Donk Wheel Makes Bid For Freedom Mid-Doughnut

The antics ended when the driver’s side rear wheel made a bid for freedom, coming to rest a few metres away, thankfully without hitting anyone else or their vehicles. This was caused by neither broken nor loose lug nuts - as revealed in a social media video from the owner, the hub sheered off the axle, brake disc and all.

The aftermath isn’t a pretty sight, but the Monte Carlo at least seems to have avoided significant body damage from its dramatic rear-wheel loss. The incident was a little less destructive than the Mercedes-AMG C63 drift fail we looked at last year, which looked like it ended up destroying one corner of the car’s suspension.


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