Chevrolet Silverado Gets Intimately Acquainted With The Kerb While Leaving Car Meet

This Silverado driver will now be looking at a hefty bill after ripping a rear wheel off on a kerb while flamboyantly leaving a car meet

Remember when barely a week would go by without an embarrassing Ford Mustang car meet fail making waves on social media and clocking hundreds of thousands of views? It rarely seems to happen these days, perhaps because most of the owners likely to try a powerslidey exit are all too aware of the ‘curse’ and don’t fancy being the next smashy viral sensation.

Owners of other vehicles are clearly happy to engage in perilous car meet shenanigans, however. Only a few weeks ago we saw a Mercedes C63 AMG driver destroy one corner of his car while doing donuts on a less than ideal surface, while here, we can enjoy the sight of a Chevrolet Silverado slapping a back wheel into the kerb during an ill-advised drift attempt.

This being a pick-up truck with nowt in the back, the rear axle swings around with very little provocation, and it’s perhaps this that caught the driver by surprise. The Silverado came incredibly close to hitting a spectator, who was forced to leap out of the way.

Chevrolet Silverado Gets Intimately Acquainted With The Kerb While Leaving Car Meet

That wasn’t the only stroke of luck - the pick-up came to rest neatly on top of its detached wheel, saving the bodywork from serious damage. There’ll still be a hefty repair bill, however, since the hub was ripped off along with the wheel. If you look carefully, you can see one end of the driveshaft spinning around uselessly.

There’s a complete absence of background information to go along with the video, which was posted on that goldmine of bad motoring decisions, the Idiots In Cars sub-Reddit. We get the feeling the guy has previous, though - a bystander can be heard saying something along the lines of “not once, it’s the second time…it’s the same side.”

Whether or not it’s his first showboating fail, hopefully this particular occurrence taught him to lay off the throttle next time. Or perhaps just stay home.



Poor Silverado :(

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