Cadillac: 26 Perfect Pictures From The A-Z Car Archives

Our next A-Z picture gallery goes stateside to one of the world's oldest car makers

Cadillac. One of America's oldest car makers, and today synonymous with comfort, style, speed and handling. The company was founded in 1902 using the remains of the Henry Ford's company back in 1902, before it was taken under the wing of General Motors as its luxury car division. Cadillac accolades include being the brand to engineer the V8 engine (which quickly set the standard for the American car industry), as well as producing one of the fastest production saloon cars to lap the Nürburgring, clocking 07:59 with its fire-breathing CTS-V model.

Check out this stunning gallery of Cadillac's finest and most impressive creations:

Current, Concepts & Celebrity

The History Books

The Racers

Images: Cadillac, Alaphoto, Bold Ride,, Lincah, TheTorqueReportrcuniverse, Layitlow, Conceptcarz, Yunii, Cardriven, scenicreflections, caddyedgetrialx, CarPlusPlus,


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