Buy A Used Aston Martin Vantage For Less Than Half A New One

The new Aston Vantage is a spectacular car, but the pre-facelift was no dog either – and now you can pick one up for less than half the price
Buy A Used Aston Martin Vantage For Less Than Half A New One

We’re fresh off driving the facelifted Aston Martin Vantage and it’s left us a bit in awe. In fact, we’ve described it as “probably the best-driving Aston ever, save for the ultra-special, limited-run stuff.”

A remarkable car it is, then, but also a pretty expensive one. At £165,000, it’s well priced compared with brand-new rivals, but it might face some stiff competition from something closer to home.

You see, the pre-facelift Vantage which this new car replaces was no dog – we were pretty enamoured with it on its launch in 2018. And now, you can have one for well less than half of the price of a new one.

Buy A Used Aston Martin Vantage For Less Than Half A New One

We’ve been through the classifieds and found plenty of early cars hovering around the £70,000 mark, but this 2018 Special Lime Essence-painted car jumped out at us largely because it’s almost impossible to miss that colour. It’s yours for £71,500.

Granted, quite a lot has changed for the new car over the old one. Visual changes are extensive on the new car for a start, meaning the old one may or may not be to your tastes, though there’s little to argue about the now-outdated interior on pre-facelift models.

This car also has £30,000 worth of options, apparently, including a Sports Plus package which gives it 16-way electric seats, an Aston Martin premium audio system and some carbon fibre interior bits.

Buy A Used Aston Martin Vantage For Less Than Half A New One

Power is also some way down, with the AMG-sourced 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 offering up 503bhp as opposed to 656bhp in the updated version, but it’s not exactly a slouch. Aston’s quoted figures reckon you can do 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds and hit a 195mph top speed.

This particular example isn’t exactly new with 36,578 miles on the clock, meaning about 6,000 miles a year over the last six years (yes, it’s that old already) which appears to be above average for used examples. There’s no mention of service history or a reg for us to check previous MOTs, but a quick phone call to the dealer should answer those.

Yes, the new Aston Martin Vantage is a remarkable car that’s a leap ahead of the one it replaces. However, with values sitting as they are, an early second-generation car seems incredibly appealing right now.


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