BMW Launches In Car Gaming Feature For New 5 Series

The new BMW 5 Series gaming feature is a great way to pass the time while the car charges, here's how it works.
BMW Launches In Car Gaming Feature For New 5 Series

Announced with a specially liveried BMW i5, the new gaming feature will integrate the AirConsole app with the car’s curved infotainment screen to act as a TV. Once the app is launched, players can connect their smartphones as controllers by scanning a QR code. The new 5 Series will have around 15 games available to begin with including racing, sports, puzzle and quiz games.

This feature will be rolled out to other BMW models and the game portfolio will also expand over time. Over-the-air software updates will unlock this feature in 7 Series cars produced after July 2022, iX examples from March 2023 onwards and X5, X6, X7 and XM models made from April 2023.

BMW Launches In Car Gaming Feature For New 5 Series

The reveal was accompanied by a wrapped i5 detailing individual pixels as a nod to the 8-bit era of computer games. Color inspiration was taken from the games currently available on AirConsole and the controller motif on the side of the vehicle hints at the modern smartphone controller solution.

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Single and multi-player games are supported so all passengers can take part and compete against each other when the vehicle is stationary. BMW says this function is ideal for drivers to pass the time whilst their vehicle is charging. When it’s introduced in the BMW i7 we can see no reason to leave the car, it’ll be the perfect living room on wheels.


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